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About Us


Samskara i.e. culture is made up of rituals and rites, our culture is our identity.

A program named Samaskara was started last year by Smile Himachal organization to promote the culture of folk Himachal, the main objective of which is only to promote the culture of Himachal.

Smile Himachal organization is a state level organization which has been continuously working in the medical field in Himachal from last 13 years but after the completion of the registration work from the last 2 years, the organization is trying to work in every field like sports, culture and art and anything else.

Since last year, many cultural programs have been organized by the organization in Mandi district and at the block level of Mandi, the only objective of which is to promote our culture and bring forward those young friends who are praiseworthy but due to some reason are not able to take the stage.

Now the organization is making efforts to organize this program in every district.

In this program, traditional folk and traditional fashion show is organized with the aim of promoting our culture.

And for this many rules have also been made by the organization which are mandatory for everyone to follow. rules which are as follows

Phase 1 :- Call for Entries

Phase 2:- Audition

Phase 3 :- Grooming & Training Session

Phase 4 :- Finale